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flow + flame

Cocktail-themed scented candles with a dash of inspiration about modern life wisdom

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Flow + Flame = meaning?

"Immerse yourself in your being, discovering the infinite power of your light." - Flow&Flame

Flow represents the state of energised focus, being content, happy, and lost in the moment doing something you love.

Flame represents passion, determination, and success. The fire within that if looked at inwardly drives you to self-realisation which leads you to self-actualisation.

We want to inspire you to become your best self while living life to the fullest and with passion.

Flow and Flame

Flow & Flame is a bar serving beautiful cocktail-themed scented candles. We are two besties who believe in living life to the fullest. We work hard and play hard, and we are passionate about adding sprinkles of passion and creativity to the lives of people like you through our uniquely designed beautiful lifestyle products.

Flow and Flame

Why cocktails? Why scented candles?

Don't you just love the smell when you step into a good cocktail bar? The fresh fruity smell of positivity and liveliness? You are now able to create speakeasy-bar vibes and dim light that give you the exact scent you could smell for days on end.

Guess what would be our next cocktails on the menu? If you could guess them right, we will send you our first range for free. 😉

Flow and Flame

We are made of adventure, fine cocktails, sharp wit and passion

Join us! Dare to dare, and fall in love with life. Because the only way to find the limits of the possible is to go into the impossible.